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We are not currently taking reservations. Our Conference Room is closed. If you show up with more than 10 people, we will split your party up into 2 tables, oftentimes in different rooms of the restaurant. 


However.... when we are accepting reservations, please see information below:

To make a reservation....


You can also send a Facebook Message through Maxwell's Facebook page, although email is recommended. 

We do NOT take reservations over the phone.

Information about making a reservation:

We do NOT take dinner reservations for parties under 8 people. 

Reservations also depend on the time of the party, the day of the party, and the amount of people.

Please try and have an accurate count of the people in your party. (25-50 people is not an accurate count, 10-20 isn't either)

We reserve the right to move your party to another location in the restaurant if the amount of people you say are coming do not show up. 

Parties larger than 20 MUST order off of our banquet menu. (Located on the Menu Tab of the website)


Conference Room seats 16-18 people comfortably. (I've seen 25 people squeeze in there, but I do not recommend it)

Reservations are 1st Come 1st Serve. If you are over 15 minutes late for your scheduled reservation, your reservation will be canceled.

Parties in the conference room MUST order off of the regular menu. 


Banquet Room Seats 40-50 people comfortably. (I've seen 60 people squeeze in there, but I do not recommend it)

Must have a minimum of 25 people to close off the Big Banquet Room on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. (And order off of Banquet Menu)

There is a $250 minimum purchase charge to close off the banquet room. (Includes a $50 room fee). Room Fee is waved if you spend at least $250 on other items such as food, drinks, and alcohol. We do not use our rooms as meeting spaces, unless you are willing to pay room fees.

We do NOT close off the entire Banquet Room on Sunday Morning unless you have at least 35 adults and pay in advance.

We do NOT close off the entire back of the restaurant on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday Nights unless you have at least 100 people, and spend a minimum of $2,000. This amount includes food, drinks, alcohol, tax, and gratuity. 

Please email for any questions.